Kamiseta Konversation: Pop-Up @ Undiscovered SF! + Podcast Launch

Our first-ever blog! This has been a component of Kamiseta Mart's identity that we haven't been able to cultivate the way we have wanted to - in part because we have been focusing on importing, partnerships and pop-up events. We hope our blog can serve as a way to communicate Kamiseta Mart's journey, showcase new imports/products and build community with YOU - our customers and audience!

Moving forward, we're also aiming to feature guest perspectives on travel, heritage, language, family recipes, tradition and cultural identity that will ultimately be compiled into a podcast called 'Kamiseta Konversation'. What y'all think?

On the pop-up shop side of things...

We had a blast at our second-ever pop-up event! This time we participated with Undiscovered SF on September 20th (Our first event was in Arcadia at the 626 Night Market across a whole weekend!). Every event we do continues to be an incredible experience and blessed opportunity to engage and learn from our audiences. 

If you don't know about Undiscovered SF - it's a monthly creative night market of curated emerging artists and merchants celebrating Filipino cultural heritage. Go check it out!

http://www.undiscoveredsf.com/ | https://www.instagram.com/undiscoveredsf/?hl=en

We'll be there again on Saturday, October 20th! October's event theme is Pinay Power and features an all-female lineup of DJ's and musicians. Shoutout to all our Pinay sisters headlining October's edition of Undiscovered SF! It should be another tremendous time of food, culture, music, art and fun.

We're continuing to work on importing new products from our friends abroad in Southeast Asia and bringing them here for everyone to enjoy! Be on the look out for specialty rice from the Philippines that we'll be sampling at October's Undiscovered. We'll have red rice, brown rice and two types of sticky / dessert rices available for tasting and purchase!

Our hope is that Kamiseta Mart can be a culturally explorative and unique retail experience for everyone. The more conversation we have with our audiences, the more we can learn about their interests!

See everyone at Undiscovered SF on October 20!

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